Choir & Orchestra



If you have a heart full of worship and love to sing, please join the adult choir. The choir welcomes anyone who is high school age and older.

There are no auditions necessary to be in the adult choir. Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening from 6:45pm – 7:45pm through the school year.



has a full complement of instruments – strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and rhythm – and welcomes new members who have at least four years of experience on their instrument. We are open to anyone no matter how long ago it’s been since you’ve pick up your instrument.

Generally students in 8th grade or later, and adults with past playing experience will be able to play the musical sections.

The orchestra plays music at a medium to difficult level and continues to challenge its members with musical arrangements and accompaniments of a high level of performance.

If you would like to be a part of this ministry contact Debbie Gudat via email or phone at 330-966-0616.

The orchestra prepares prelude, offering & also performs with the choir and Praise team each first Sunday of the month. We rehearse the previous two Monday evenings.