Sunday Life Groups

Sunday Small Groups at 10:00 am

Themes of Scripture    Java House (Basement)
  Jeff Fostyk
Seekers            208
Bob Strum, Dave Linton
Living Out Our Faith in American Culture     LL – Main
Jay Case
Generations – Currently Studying Revelations    Hospitality Room
Mike Chappuis
Let’s Get Growing! – Studying the Believe Series     LL – 3
Bill Heade
Married with Children – Parents of small/school aged kids Studying the Believe Series     212
Jacob & Bobbi Grimm
Families Growing Together – Studying the Believe series     211
Pastor Brian Donahue
Across the Ages – Intergeneraltional group Studying the Bible together     209
Pastor Dan Hanny
Men’s Group –     LL – 1
John Houston, Ron Jones