In Person Recommendations

We are making the following recommendations for worship:

• Please wear a mask as you enter and leave for worship. You can remove your mask in the room you are worshiping in.
• Please social distance with no hand shakes or hugs at this time and remain 6 feet apart from others.
• We ask that you do not use the restrooms unless necessary.
• Please do not gather before or after services.
• Please take your temperature before you come and please do not come if you are sick or have symptoms.

We are making these recommendations for the safety of others. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves, Jesus said (Mark 12:3).

I ask you to pray and seek God during this time and draw near to Jesus. We are praying for God to use this time to give us opportunities to share the love of Christ with a world that is desperately in need of Him.

Pastor Dave