JFC Cheerleading- Fall Flag Football 2020

Jackson Friends Cheerleading is for grades K – 6th and will cheer during games for our Youth Basketball League (also K-6th). JFC cheerleading, is for all! Coach Carrie has been leading our girls for three or four years in a row now and has done it previously for us as well. The girls will learn different cheer routines, learn a few songs, as well as learn about Jesus Christ. Our cheerleaders cheer during a few of our Saturday basketball games each week, as well as putting on a half time show!

The girls are split into two groups, depending on age and number of participants.

Cheer will practice once weekly (on Mondays 6:30-7:30), with games on Saturday mornings/afternoons. Cheerleading will run from September 1 – October 31st. There will be about 9 or 10 practices and 8 games to cheer at.

For cheerleading there are no evaluations. We will be ordering cheer shirts and shorts for all the girls , so make sure to fill out the sizing on following screens.

Cost is $60 for registration and $10 if they need pom poms. You may use pom poms from last basketball season if you still have them!

At the end of each season we have a celebration night for the all kids, where they can come out to hear a message, be recognized, take home some treats and a small gift from Jackson Friends Church! *Pending CoVid-19 restrictions*

– We will do our best to keep all practices and games outdoor. In severe weather we may move practices/games indoors OR if we are restricted by CoVid19 we may not be able to move things indoor, and will have to reschedule a game/ cancel a practice. *Cheer may be permitted to practice in the gym or a large room inside.

– Equipment will be sanitized daily. Footballs, Flags, etc.- Masks will be OPTIONAL for kids. We understand that it can be very difficult to play sports while wearing a mask, so it will not be required, but kids may wear them if they so choose. Depending on Governor DeWine’s restrictions, we may ask coaches/referees/etc to wear masks.

– Parents/Spectators ARE ALLOWED but we ask that you social distance yourselves from others outside of your family/household. Masks may be required for spectators IF cannot socially distance themselves. If the Governor makes it a requirement to wear masks outdoors, even when socially distanced, it will be required.- Hand sanitizer will be available outside. 

– Bathrooms will be available, BUT we strongly encourage everyone to use their restroom at home before coming, to minimize the number of kids using the restroom. Restrooms will be sanitized before every event. If parents are present, we will ask them to take their kids to the restroom.

– We will be checking every participant’s temperature when they come to practice or game days. If your child is running a fever they will NOT be allowed to participate.

IF YOU OR YOUR CHILD IS SICK, PLEASE KEEP STAY HOME. Now more than ever, we need to stay home when we are sick. Don’t risk it!
We hope you will join us this season!

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Joel Bankert

Director of Sports & Recreation

Jackson Friends Church