Local Missions

Jackson Friends Church is a training outpost for you to be a local missionary. We equip believers to infiltrate all of society with the good news of the Kingdom of God.

As a church, we are constantly developing innovative discipleship strategies to develop you and everyone else in our church family into being an ambassador of the Kingdom, fully yielding all aspects of your life to the reign of God, and then seeing your mission as being a witness and instrument of God’s Kingdom in your areas of influence.

  • Where you work
  • In your neighborhood
  • Where you workout or where you spend your leisure time
  • God has uniquely placed you with specific connections at work, school, neighborhood, and community

The following are other ministries in our community that we support:

Our ministry at Jackson Friends Church does not end when the parking lot empties on Sunday morning. It is just beginning.

YOU are God’s missionaries in our community.

And Jackson Friends Church is here to equip and empower you to be that, for his glory!