Adult (18 +) Basketball – Summer

Welcome to Jackson Friends Church Adult (18+) Summer Basketball League!


NOTE: This basketball league is a “BRING YOUR OWN TEAM” league, Full Court 5 on 5, for adults who are 18 years of age and older. IF you do not have a team you may try to sign up as a free agent, and if there are enough players to make a team from the free agents that will be done (if not, you will receive a full refund minus $5 ). MINIMUM SEVEN PLAYERS ON A TEAM.

This summer, we will split into THREE divisions:
Division 1: Age 18-35 Year Old Competitive Division, for those that are still in their prime and/or want to compete at the highest level. At least half of your team must be age 18-35 to participate in this division. Certain exceptions may be made for highly competitive older teams.
Division 2: Age 18-35 Year Old Recreational Division, which might be suited more for those coming straight from high school or those just interested in playing in the league at a less intense pace and more recreationally. At least half of your team must be age 18-35 to participate in this division. Certain exceptions may be made.
Division 3: 35+ Year Old Division. For this division, all but two players on the team must be at least 35+. So you may have two players that are 18-34 years of age, but the rest must be 35+. Certain exceptions may be made.

The league regular season runs from June 5 through July 20 (seven regular season games). Single Elimination Playoffs for ALL TEAMS will take place on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday starting July 24th and ending by August 10th (at the latest, depending on how many teams in each division). Games will start as early as 6 PM, with the latest game starting at 9 PM. Two certified OHSAA referees will be at each game. The games will consist of two 20 minute halfs on a running clock, with stoppages on dead balls under one minute in the first half, and two minutes in the second half (including made baskets). Before each game we will have a prayer and a short devotion for teams at half time.

The costs for the league registration will be $72 per individual, and an additional $20 IF a jersey is needed (all jerseys worn must be JFC jerseys, UNLESS you have appropriate matching jerseys). Jerseys do run a little big.



Call or email for any questions: 330-966-0832  –

– Equipment will be sanitized before every game night.- Masks will be OPTIONAL for players. We understand that it can be very difficult to play sports while wearing a mask, so it will not be required, but you may wear them if they so choose. Depending on current state mask orders, players may have to wear them coming in and out of the building.- Spectators ARE ALLOWED but we ask that you social distance yourselves from others outside of your family/household. Masks required indoors for spectators at this time.- Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.- Bathrooms will be available, BUT we strongly encourage everyone to use their restroom at home before coming, to minimize the number of people using the restroom. Restrooms will be sanitized before every game day.
Please make sure you are doing a self check/ feeling well before you come out to participate in games!