Disc Golf – Summer

This summer we’d like to keep families involved by offering summer disc golf opportunities, to come together and play/learn a fun FREE game. Disc golf is a great game that has risen in popularity the last number of years. There are many courses in the Stark and Summit County areas that people can come and play. There is no cost to play a course, you just need to bring some discs! Sports and Rec. Director Joel Bankert will lead a group once or twice a week at various courses, to play a fantastic game (or learn how to play for beginners). Location and times will vary, so the best way to get connected is to send an email to Joel Bankert to get on the email thread of where and when we will meet each week. We will try to pick a time and day that works best for everyone. This is open to kids of all ages (though 5 and up is probably most suitable). Also open to any parents/adults interested, although most of our outings will tend to take place during the day. Please reach out with any questions! This is a FREE opportunity to join a fun activity for your kids and family.

“Play It Again Sports” in Belden Village is a FANTASTIC place to find tons of used disc golf discs that are pretty inexpensive (ranging from $5 – $10 roughly per disc), plus they have a knowledgeable staff to help you find the right starter discs. All you need to start out is a putter and driver (and a mid-range if you’d like).