High School – Grades 9-12

High School

Grades 9-12

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, May 15th:  Graduate Recognition Sunday.  We will recognize all of our graduates during the morning services.  If you are graduating (from high school, college, trade school, military, etc), please call the church office or talk to Moby so that we can acknowledge your accomplishments!

Friday, May 27th:  Come have a relaxing and fun evening at JFC with a BONFIRE and GAMES from 7:00-11:00pm.  Bring a friend and something to share.

The High School Group is where we learn to not just survive, but to thrive in life. So many transitions and “putting the pieces together” moments are a big part of this time of life. God wants to walk with our students during this time and all times. It can be easy to forget this during high school, and for some this may be the first time they have heard this Great News. Our hope is to point students to Jesus and help sort out this time of life as well as prepare for the next parts.

We meet for Sunday School at 10:00am and Sunday nights at 7:00pm. This could be at a student’s house or at JFC. We also have a Bible Study on Wednesday Nights at 8:00pm. Some of our senior high will help with middle school (they meet at 6:30pm) and then participate in their own group after.  Student Leadership is by invitation.

We also meet on weekends frequently. Bonfires, hikes, movies, overnighters, service projects, retreats, and mission trips are some of what we do. There are other Bible Studies available as well.