Sunday Life Groups

Sunday Small Groups at 10:00 am

Seekers  Rm. 208
led by Bob Strum and Dave Linton
Chapter by chapter study of how the scriptures relate to the coming of Christ and past, current, and future world events.  Our group format is discussion-based and is open to all adults.  We are currently studying the first 5 books of the Bible (the Pentateuch).
Let’s Get Growing!  Rm. 211
led by Bill Heade
Fellowship to encourage each other to go deeper in Christ.  We all need fellowship, accountability, and continuous growth— making disciples of men.  We need encouragement, prayer partners, and to know that we are not alone.  This class looks out for each other, cares for one another and lifts one another up.  The demographics of this class include young and old, married, divorced, and widowed.  There is such a great mix that it allows for varying perspectives and times of sharing.
Growing & Learning  LL Java House
led by Jeff and Debbie Fostyk
We are a class that goes deep into the Word.  Currently we are studying a course on Revelation.  There is both Bible study and time spent in prayer.  “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”…that’s our theme verse for our study.
Building Disciples  Rm. 209
led by Marilyn Freer and Anna Hedrick
This is a Sunday school class—emphasis on SCHOOL.  It has a specific accountability curriculum that builds disciples.  First, growing strong in God’s family; secondly, getting God’s Word rooted in our hearts; and finally, learning the tools that will bear fruit for God’s kingdom.  Is God calling you to such a challenge?
Generations Class   Hospitality Room
led by Mike Chappuis
This group is geared towards senior adults (55+).  We cover challenging topics and issues focused on growth in our personal lives.  Our studies are founded in Scripture and challenge us to think about our faith through personal application.  We have great fellowship within our group and invite you to join us!
In class, a weekly printout titled “Lessons for Growth and Encouragement” is distributed.  This material consists of a weekly Bible Book study, a weekly Bible Topic study, and “Life Lessons”  This weekly material is also distributed via email.  If you cannot attend the class but would like to receive the email each week, please send an email request to or